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Boat Navigation Systems

Enjoy Your Shipping Crew Experience with Our Boat Navigation Systems

Böning created the modular AHD-DPS 02 navigation control with a modular nature, to allow alterations to fit the customer's requirements. This system can also monitor up to 42 navigation and signal lights in water vessels. The basic module has four other extension modules built-in as well as a customized operations panel.

The navigation system comes in different versions, allowing for even more customizability and flexibility. Each version has the requisite voltage to be functional on the desired vessel. It is also compatible with both LED lanterns and conventional lights.

Also integrated into our boat navigation systems are LED navigation lights. Continuous advancements in this area have made us upgrade the lights to reduce their energy consumption and maintenance costs. The lights allow for long-term use, and they are fittable on boats with over 50m length. They come in four versions: standard, white, classical, and base.

Böning Marine Engine Electronics for All Your Engine Needs

Böning is the place to go for comprehensive engine solutions. Our 40 years of experience in marine engine & control has shown our proficiency and creative spirit. Together, we create relevant and innovative solutions to the challenges marine vessels encounter. We have developed marine engine electronics that can be monitored on a single control panel, alongside your vessel navigation and automation systems. 

Our software package includes configuration for MAN marine diesel engines and Böning TimeZero charting. We complete any relevant adjustments during installation. We provide new and replacement parts from our manufacturers for MAN spare parts, and we also complete refitting. Our favorable warranty period is 24 months for the original parts and 12 months for replacement parts. 

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