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Modern motor yachts have aboard more and more electro-mechanical systems needed to operate the vessels. Böning can provide a single user-friendly interface and be the centralized control of all critical equipment. 

The Böning AMCS (Alarm Monitoring and Control System) can assist the crew on tank monitoring, electric power alarms, engine performance, and others.

The Böning CabinCON uses multi-functional displays to control lighting, HVAC, blinds, shades, doors and audio. Guests can see environmental and trip data on their cabin, and crew have a full overview of  status and power consumption.

Motor Yachts



Yacht Electronic Systems

The most demanding customers trust Böning when it comes to automation and control integrated in mega yachts.

Using state of the art technology, Böning manufactures durable, modular products. This allows ships  to be outfitted in an individualized, reaction-free manner, matched precisely to the customer‘s needs and requirements.

From the engine room to the bridge, Böning has class approved solutions for a reliable operation of the vessel, from aboard or remotely.


Yacht Electronic Systems
Mega Yachts



Yacht Electronic Systems

Luxury sailing yachts are no different than motor yachts. All machinery systems must also be monitored and controlled from the vessel’s pilot house or cockpits.

Böning has experience with designing integrated monitoring and control systems for sail yachts, automating the sail system, power generation, propulsion, steering, and other systems.

Böning systems are suitable for new constructions and refits. The Böning helm panels provide a sleek design and a compact helm, for vessels that need to fit many different control panels in a limited dashboard space.

Sailing Yachs
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