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Ship Monitoring System

The Ship Monitoring System for Prime Ship Serviceability

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Böning USA is your home for all marine vessel electric and electronic systems. Automation not only makes life more comfortable but also safer. That is why we are always hard at work devising and improving solutions to challenges that you may experience with your vessel.

For example, our ultra-modern ship monitoring system can display several pages from which you can monitor operations for optimal performance and safety.


Some of the information shown on these monitoring pages includes:


  • Tanks, transfer pumps, fire system, and bilge

  • Power management systems data

  • Conning page

  • A display of CCTV footages

  • Bilge alarms, door access, hatches, and blinds

  • Navigations, lanterns, searchlights, and lighting systems

  • Air conditioning

  • Status of generators and propulsion engines

AHD-DeviceConfig software configures monitoring devices, allowing for uniform and complete system configuration over a network. All monitoring structures are project-specific and generated according to customer specifications. This software tool also enables the execution of firmware updates and viewing of diagnostic information.

Marine Ventures Made Trouble-Free With Böning Vessel Monitoring System

The vessel monitoring system at Böning helps the crew check on alarms' status and other vital operational and control functions. AHD-DisplayDesigner allows your crew to have multiple display pages open at once so they can monitor various activities in a compact zone. Some of the information shown on these pages includes:


  • A menu page which shows all available system pages so that you can launch your desired page

  • Onboard power and grid monitoring, including battery chargers and generators

  • Engine functionalities, including engine parameters, shows in a bar graph for quick visualization. Others are engine speed, cooling water temperature, and oil pressure.

  • Bilge system representation shows the status of the bilge pumps located in different areas in the ship.

  • Navigation lantern and systems control show the state of lanterns and any errors or disturbances in functionality.

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