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Yacht Electronic Systems

Modernize the Tech in Your Yacht with Böning Yacht Electronic Systems

Böning provides yacht electronic systems for a wide range of yachts ranging from 40-300 ft. These include:

Sportfishing Yachts

Anglers need to enjoy their fishing trips without the inconvenience of unreliable and high maintenance electronic systems. Böning provides refrigeration, smoke detectors, comprehensive AC and DC powering, bilge alarms, and fuel or water tank monitoring, among many other vital systems.

Motor yachts

Technological advancements have led to the installation of more convenient electro-mechanical systems in motor yachts. At Böning, we provide a user-friendly interface that unifies multiple systems for more straightforward, centralized operations. Our CabinCON utilizes multi-faceted displays systems that give the crew a better outline of the yacht's status. For electric power alarms, tank monitoring, engine performance, or other alarms, we install the Böning Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS).

Sailing Yachts

Our electronic systems solutions for sailing yachts include power generation, steering, and integrated monitoring and control systems. For new constructions or refits, we offer sleek helm panels for different sizes of dashboard spaces.

Böning Yacht Electronics Refit for Exquisite Yacht Refurbishing

At Böning, we provide state of the art yacht electronics refits that make the ship feel brand new again. Our refitting services involve:


  • Replacing old equipment with brand new or refurbished options

  • Restoration services for yacht preservation

  • Client customization

  • Modernization in line with current trends in styling and technological systems

  • Modification for special needs such as participating in a race


Our knowledge and advice are ultra-exceptional! You will love what we offer, especially if you are a tech and boat enthusiast. Just a few of the benefits include:


  • An expandable system

  • More comfort and usability

  • Approved products

  • Minimal installation requirements

  • Reduces service expenses by remote maintenance

  • Customer-specific visualization


Böning installation services are always dependable since we draw from our extensive real-world experience. Our top priority is bringing you superior results that are made to last.

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