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Remote Monitoring for Vessels

No one can be everywhere at once so why not install a remote monitoring product on your vessel? At Böning we have created a service, B:Connect, that allows you to access your vessel or fleet from anywhere that you have internet connection. B⋮CONNECT is the Böning solution for the current demand of monitoring and control vessels remotely, and being able to go back in time, and see past data without having to be present on board. With benefits such as:

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Online Map View

  • Email Notifications

  • Remote Commands

  • Cloud Data Storage

  • Alarm Notifications

The B⋮CONNECT Gateway must be installed onboard the vessel, communicating with the existing vessel monitoring system (Böning or third-party) and with the internet (via 4G or the boat LAN switch). Data is transmitted to B⋮CONNECT Cloud Service and immediately becomes available for the user to access via PC/Laptop browser, cellphone, or tablet. (SimCard to be provided by customer).

About Böning USA

Böning USA specializes in Remote Monitoring for Vessels to keep your vessel in the water, with a reliable system the safety of your trips are enhanced. With many products and services, our team can fit your vessel with the proper equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our products feel free to give us a call at (561) 372-9894 and follow us on social media.

Remote Monitoring For Vessels

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