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MAN Spare Parts

Böning has a variety of MAN spare parts in stock or ready to be shipped directly to your vessel. We have been researching and creating electronic systems and automation devices for vessels since 1977. The diesel engine manufacturer MAN in Nuremberg has been one of our customers since 1997. For instance, we supply MAN with the MMDS series for monitoring, control and diagnosis of high-speed marine engines. To this day, more than 13,000 ships, mainly yachts and workboats, have been equipped with MAN engines, as well as the engine electronics we have developed and produced. Starting in 2013, we have delivered the devices under our name BÖNING.

Inventory is updated daily and considers parts available in our factory in Germany. Delivery time is normally 5-10 business days after receipt of the purchase order. For urgent cases, please ask Böning USA for parts available at our local inventory in Boca Raton - Florida.

About Böning USA

Böning USA specializes in MAN Engine Spare Parts to keep your vessel in the water, with a reliable system the safety of your trips are enhanced. With many products and services, our team can fit your vessel with the proper equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our products feel free to give us a call at (561) 372-9894 and follow us on social media.

MAN Engine Spare Parts


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