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Yacht Alarm System

A yacht alarm system aboard is one of the most important aspects that you can have. Having a yacht alarm system can save you thousands of dollars, hours of headaches, and can keep your yacht on the water.

As everyone knows, alarms can be annoying but extremely beneficial. Everyone has fire alarms in their home which alert us of issues that we might not be in the room with. With Böning's yacht alarm system you are able to monitor various aspects of your yacht such as alarms, right from the helm.

Emergency signals or alarms on a ship are installed all over the yacht’s various systems and machinery to notify the crew about a dangerous situation that can arise from different types of emergencies onboard the ship. Emergency alarms are of the audible and visual type to ensure that a person can listen to the audible alarm when working in an area where seeing a visual alarm is not possible and vice versa. With the Böning yacht alarm system you are alerted visually (through a blinking image) and audibly so your crew can act accordingly.

Böning Yacht Alarm System Benefits:

  • Increased awareness of yacht safety

  • Ability to access alarms from all over the yacht

  • Reliability of yacht increases

  • Monitoring of fire, carbon monoxide, and many other alarms

About Böning USA

Böning USA specializes in yacht alarm systems to keep your vessel in the water, with a reliable system the safety of your trips are enhanced. With many products and services, our team can fit your vessel with the proper equipment.

if you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our products feel free to give us a call at (561) 372-9894 and follow us on social media.

Yacht Alarm System

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