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Vessel Monitoring

Vessels of all types need to be constantly monitored to ensure that the operator is not stuck out at sea. BÖNING USA produces products specifically for vessel monitoring. Vessel Monitoring covers a wide range of things such as:

  • Engines

  • Bilges

  • Tanks

  • Navigation Lights

  • And much more

At BÖNING we take pride in our CLASS approved systems because reliability is something we have a large focus on. Our vessel monitoring is not limited to yachts, workboats, or even windfarm vessels. We can install our systems in most vessels to give you a sense of protection for your next trip out on the water. Part of the system is the ability for custom pages to be able to monitor whatever you would like about your vessel.

Many of the vessel monitoring systems on the market do not have the CLASS rating that our systems have. A CLASS approved system goes through many tests to ensure that in the rough seas that the system will hold up. Our systems are water-resistant, dust-resistant, can withstand much of what the sea can throw at it.

Beyond the system, you are getting a team that will cater to your every need to promise that your system is working constantly. You are able to contact our office directly at (561) 372-9894 so we can see what we can do.


Böning USA is responsible for the Central and North American market, and has started in January 2015 its operation in USA. ​Our customer are yachts over 40 feet and commercial vessels, from small tugboats to cruise ships. Böning produces reliable and safe vessel monitoring systems to keep your vessel on the water. Contact us to learn more

Vessel Monitoring

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