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Windfarm Support Vessel Technology

BÖNING Ship Automation has extensive experience with Windfarm Support Vessels in Europe and ready to share this successful electronic integration and monitoring technology in the United States. All Böning commercial equipment is manufactured in Ganderkesee Germany with classification certificates and fully stocked in the Boca Raton, Florida facility, along with the finest team of engineers in the industry.

The Böning displays are the first attention grabber when first boarding a windfarm support vessel, and these screens display an outstanding high-definition visualization meanwhile adhering to the highest quality standards set by classification societies. It’s not uncommon to see a German-made Böning display with 20+ years of usage and still performing the task successfully. A fantastic example is the AHD-880TC with its 8.8-inch color touchscreen and automatic dimming functionality that cannot be surpassed. Another incredible example is the AHD-1219F Panel PC (fully marinized quad-core processor) with 19-inches of high-definition display and 7 CAN-bus ports to allow direct or system provided data sources. The 880 and 1219 screens are not only visually attractive, but also meet DNV, LR, and RS certifications, and can withstand the harsh punishment of north Atlantic marine environments.

The heart of an integration and monitoring system on board a windfarm support vessel requires vast compatibility with a large array of systems (engines, generators, transducers, tank sensors, bilge floats, fire detection, and more), and needs to be easily maintained with no-hassle software. The AHD-DPU9 data processing station fulfills all requirements plus internal relays, I/O ports, 6 can-bus connections, and can store 16,000 events for data recalls. Paired with any Böning display, the DPU9 can be used to expand the visualizations beyond all expectations and the functionality surpasses any PLC-type system. The DPU9 can out-perform any PLC-type system, priced far below, and can be updated and maintained by technicians remotely with proper internet connections. As with all commercial equipment, the DPU9 is class-approved by DNV, LR, RS, and NMEA.

A must-have module for any windfarm support vessel is the AHD-SAS15 data station that can handle 15 inputs for analog and/or binary inputs. This means, a vessel can have an array of signals (tank levels, pressures, temperatures, doors, bilge floats, fire/smoke sensors) all in one easy to install and maintain module. The guess-work is removed when each individual pluggable modules (current, voltage, resistance, thermo couples, contacts) can be changed to match the exact signal to be measured. The SAS15 can be connected to other Böning equipment via CAN-bus, which allows faster responses than comparable PLC-type systems, along with much more reliable networking. As with all Böning commercial modules, the SAS15 is class-approved and comes with a factory certificate from DNV, LR, and RS.

The windfarm support vessel needs to be monitored remotely via a command-center to ensure safety for the crew, operational awareness, maintenance scheduling, and the only industry Windfarm Fleet Management System is available from Böning. This technically advanced remote monitoring system uses the Böning B:Connect gateway, which can be used in conjunction with existing internet connectivity (such as satellite) or can be used as a cellular modem with built-in SIM card slots and provided antennas. Böning shoreside servers maintain the visualizations, so the B:Connect gateway only passes low-bandwidth data to keep connectivity costs down. The command-center style software is completely customizable, but windfarm support vessels are normally monitored to see location, heading, speed, pitch/roll (to measure crew fatigue), tank levels, engine load/rpm’s, and any alarms. An excellent YouTube video depicts the system nicely:

Naval architects, shipyards, vessel fleet owners are some of the customers that benefit from Böning windfarm support vessel technology. These vessels must have these features to be successful and Böning is available to support your needs. Please feel free to contact the Böning USA facility in Boca Raton, FL at 561-372-9894, send an email to, or stop by and visit our team.

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