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Vessel Automation

Vessel Automation is not a new concept and is being developed across many platforms to ensure that your vessel runs properly at all times. At BÖNING USA our team is constantly looking for ways to keep your vessel in the water at all times. From workboats to luxury yachts, our products are the future of boating. Automating your vessel has many benefits that will quickly enhance your safety, reliability, and ease of use while on your voyage.

Currently in the maritime industry many companies have decided to throw their hat in the ring of vessel automation but the issue is, not all products offer proper reliability. BÖNING USA has many products that are CLASS approved, meaning that it is able to output all you need regardless of what is thrown its way. Vessel Automation has many benefits that include:

  • Ease of access to information

  • Ability to manage engines and other aspects of the vessel

  • Automation of lights, blinds, and more

  • Navigation Light Panels

  • Simple integration into existing bridge

All of these aspects highlighted above make up a small portion of what BÖNING USA can do for your vessel. Even if you are not currently in the market for a vessel automation system, your next vessel might have technology that will enhance the overall performance of the vessel.

About Böning USA

Böning USA specializes in yacht monitoring systems to keep your vessel in the water, with a reliable system the safety of your trips are enhanced. With many products and services, our team can fit your vessel with the proper equipment.

if you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our products feel free to give us a call at (561) 372-9894 and follow us on social media.

Vessel Automation

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